Beg_abc_Eng how to make a fashion design portfolio Theological hot potatoes notwithstanding, religions come into being the same way most movements do: Someone or something gets the ball rolling, the idea gains traction, and the next thing you know, everyone is required to wear a spider shaped top hat on a Wednesday. The Internet has already proved itself a viable channel of creating the base mythology necessary for a wacky religious movement, and the Pastafarians' increasing willingness to actively display their symbols out in the open just might be the next step in this trend. There are tons of Internet fringe religions out there, and I have a feeling it's just a matter of time before they emerge from the woodwork in a similar fashion.. However, he did show an over abundance of fashions in the color black, he threw in some fabulous rich jewel toned velvet's to create some very soft pretty evening looks. His collection was my favorite of all this year. I think he designs fashions that one can wear year after year timeless fashions that make a woman not only look like a woman, but really feel like a woman.. Buy fun denim pieces. Skinny jeans are a staple in any hipster's wardrobe. Bleached, ripped and otherwise distressed denim pieces are a definite must. Make a template of a model. This is a tip for those just starting out or those who do not feel they are creative enough to draw sketches on their own. Lay out a piece of paper, preferably an opaque one where you can see an image underneath. Everything they sell at Glow! is made of glow in the dark materials, from stick on stars to art to wallpaper. Prices start at 50 cents and go up to $500.It's not even December, but we're already getting fragrance fever. Among the lighter new scents are Bijan's sheer, alcohol free scents for men and women, and Priscilla Presley's new Indian Summer scent, which is a fruity, amber scent.For real perfume fans, get a whiff of Guerlain's new scent called Champs Elysees, named for the famous boulevard in Paris. If you're going with your boss (or to impress a colleague that'll be there), dress up rather than down. For men, a tie can't hurt, and make sure your dress shoes are shined. Make sure your tux isn't wrinkled, and make sure it's not flooding to show your white socks (better yet, don't wear white socks). After becoming the Devil Lady, her personality changes. She becomes more confident and alluring, a benefit for her modelling career, but not all the changes are beneficial. Lan Asuka. As its name implies, ready to wear shows are comprised of items that will be sold to stores as is, or "ready to wear". Shows are a designer way of premiering their work to the world, and the looks put together are intended to convey a message or give the viewer deeper insight into the designer aesthetic universe. This lends to the misconception that all designer clothing is "outlandish" or "absurd".


De winnende nummers voor de steunkaarten die elk 2 vrijkaarten winnen voor de voorstelling van Grease zijn nummers 0071 en 0364.


Voor alle kinderen met interesse voor podiumkunsten


Ontwikkeling op een speelse manier


Enthousiaste begeleiding met oog
voor ieders noden

Huidige werkjaar 2015 - 2017

Tijd voor Rock & Roll!

Triangel speelt het gekende verhaal van Sandy en Danny.
Een verhaal over liefde, teleurstelling, vriendschap, auto's en dans...

Voorstelling voorjaar 2017




Frank Calle

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9960 Assenede

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